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Emmy Award-winning reporter, dad to three boys, husband to one wife, amateur musician, die hard fan of: The Black Crowes, The Philadelphia Eagles (Go Birds!), and the movie Die Hard.

Get to Know Me

  • Grew up in the middle of a wheat field near the small town of Plaza. There was a house, too. It was in the wheat field.
  • Though not yet officially certified, I do believe I'm the world's biggest Black Crowes fan and love singing and playing all kinds of rock n' roll.
  • My love for the Crowes is superseded only by the love I have for my wife and three boys.
  • Fond of entertaining, storytelling, and looking at things with a bit of humor and levity. Also like beef jerky and the movie Die Hard.
  • It is an honor and a privilege to anchor, report and tell the stories of my hometown community.