Oregon voters pamphlet

SALEM, Ore.-

According to the Associated Press all four ballot measures on the midterm election ballot in Oregon have passed.

With 99% of all ballots counted, Oregon saw a voter turnout of 61.79%.

Measure 111 will amend the Oregon State Constitution and require the state to ensure affordable healthcare access for all. Measure 111 passed by a 50.6% to 49.3% margin.

Measure 112 will remove language in the State Constitution allowing slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for crimes. 55% of Oregon voters approved of Measure 112.

Measure 113  disqualify State Legislators with ten unexcused absences from floor sessions from holding their next term of office. Measure 113 passed by a 68% to 31% margin.

Measure 114 will require a permit to obtain firearms and will require police to maintain a firearms permit database. Certain ammunition magazines will also be criminally prohibited. Measure 114 passed by a slim 50% to 49% margin.